One of the largest and vibrant creative areas in the Kansas City area is its highly anticipated annual Art and Gallery Festival. One of the fun things about Kansas City is its dynamic cultural landscape, which is continually evolving with new additions. Among its many calling cards are the highly creative art and gallery scenes.

The Crossroads Arts District, which is located between 24th and 35th streets in the Kansas City arts district, is home to many one-of-a-kind gallery spaces and art spaces that are featured during the month-long First Friday festivals. The opening reception for this year’s festival was kicked off with the “Fiesta of Light,” an exhibit of contemporary art and lighting by acclaimed artist Lane Patterson. Also featured were works from local and national artists including Kaygan Avent and Sean Canfield. The “ART: Street Art” street art exhibit featured works from local and national talent as well, including the work of Monet and Warhol.

Overlooked by the Crossroads Arts District is the Kansas City Art Institute at 2900 N. Prairie

With a history that spans three centuries, KI has long boasted one of the nation’s premier art education programs. For years, KI has helped develop talent through its award-winning exhibits and gallery showings, and continues to fuel the careers of countless artistic visionaries. In 2021, KI launched a new, expanded version of its gallery showings called “The Biggest Show on Earth.” This exhibition of over two hundred artworks created a sensation across the world. Not only did it feature artworks from local and national artists, it was facilitated by world renowned curator Bill Ziemba and featured multimedia technology to allow viewers to interact with the art.

The Kansas City Art Institute is also home to a highly regarded youth curriculum that is designed to inspire young minds while preparing them for their careers in the visual arts. As part of the KI program, students are encouraged to exhibit in both the classroom and in community events such as gallery shows, murals, and student films. Many graduates have gone on to pursue careers in the fields of photography, graphic design, theatre, film, and television. The gallery showings held at the KI are designed to introduce high school students to the exciting world of contemporary art while preparing them for college and advanced work degrees.

The St. Louis Contemporary Art Fair is held every August

Exhibitors from throughout the region travel to St. Louis to display their art and display their talents. This prestigious fair provides the public with an opportunity to purchase unique works of art, meet others who are interested in art, and enjoy exceptional food and wine. St. Louis residents and visitors can visit the galleries, view works by local and visiting artists, and attend seminars about contemporary art. There is no charge to attend this popular fair.

Many different types of art are showcased at various gallery shows. In addition to contemporary art, other forms of art are available such as children’s art, African art, and fine art. A number of national and international artistic talents can be found on displays at these gallery showings. Most are eager to have your business.

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